People love us because we keep the meet moving just like it is supposed to be! Average time in between pre seeded heats is 20 secs!

Track & Field Prices

(High School, College, Open)


Track & Field Meet
Includes FAT (Fully Automatic Timing) of all track events using a single camera system, On-Line Entries, On-Line Results, Printed Results
One Day $600.00 each add. day
Online Registration
A must for all serious competitions. All registration and payments are done online prior to the meet.
Track & Field Meet Packets
Envelopes for each team containing bib numbers (REQUIRED), pins, meet information, performance list/heat sheets.
Hip Numbers for Track & Field Meets
Required numbers for athletes to wear on their hip for the finish line cameras.
Manual Entries
(Non-on-line Entries)Athlete entries that have to be manually entered by Viper Timing Staff into Hy-Tek Meet Manager (via fax, email, phone, etc.).
$200-$400Depends on the size of the meet.
Meet Day Data Management
For meet day registration or changes, additions, and scratches. Last-minute re-seeding of events.
A staffed station where meet information is announced (meet schedule, check-in times, results, etc.).
Extra Personnel
Results Poster, Runners, Field Event Assistants, etc.
$50.00 Each