Who knew that chip timing could be this affordable? Chip and Non Chip Timing for Your Event
1. Finish Line
We will set up and operate a professional finish line for your event. The finish line scaffolding will allow the event organizers to display custom banners.

2. Automatic finish line photos
Our system automatically triggers a camera to take a photo of every finisher. All participants will have a photo of themselves online. We can also give you a jump drive containing all of the race photos in full resolution and in full size for only $40. This can be done on race day or mailed after the race is over.

3. Free Online Registration, Results, and Photos
We provide free on-line registration for your event. This is the best way to have the most up to date data. If you have your own registration process, we will work with your crew to share your registration database for the event. You can send us any document, course map, mail-in registration forms, or anything else you want posted to the website.

4. Results on demand
At any time during the race we can print results (overall and age division results). Seconds after the final runner finishes, you will have complete results in your hand for Awards Ceremonies and Officials. Results will be posted on the web the evening of the race.

5. Course Mapping
We can easily create one or many detailed courses for your event. Course Maps can be placed on a registration form created by us. Course maps can easily be sent to you to be uploaded to the event's website or placed on your own flyer.

6. Who's on the course?
We can easily tell you who all is left on the course. So if you don't have a trailing vehicle we can tell you which individuals are left on the course as the race draws down to a close.

7. Results Tent with LED T.V.
Finishers can see the race clock as it also cycles through all of the finisher’s times near the finish line. There can also be another T.V. so an announcer can announce finishers names as they cross the finish line.

8. Packet pick up (day before and/or on race day)
We will operate both the pre-registration table and the race day registration table. This is a part of our overall process so we can enter in any race day registrants, or make any changes to the race roster while the participants pick up their packets.

9. Chip Timing Equipment
We use a shoe tag chip system equiped with state of the art RFID chips manufactured by ALIEN. We use multiple readers without having mats obstruct the finish line area. Backup readers continue capturing data even during power outages.

Road Race or Cross Country Prices


Road Race/Cross Country Meet (up to 200 runners)
Includes RFID (Chip Timing) of the race, On-Line Entries, On-Line Results, Printed Results
+plus $1.00
per participant
Road Race/Cross Country Meet (up to 500 runners)
Includes RFID (Chip Timing) of the race, On-Line Entries, On-Line Results, Printed Results
+plus $1.00
per participant
Road Race/Cross Country Meet
(500+ runners or multiple days)

This is for events that require quite a bit more work than the standard 5K, 10K, or 1/2 events. If your event will last longer than 6 hours (start of race to last finisher) or if you need us to time two or more events on the same day.
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